Trump urges to cut all ties with World Health Organization

World Health Organization

Donald Trump has announced the termination of all U.S. relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), three weeks in advance of the deadline he set earlier this month.

In a White House Rose Garden speech devoted mainly to punishing China and threatening new sanctions for its actions in Hong Kong, the president claimed that “China has complete control over” the WHO.

Trump cuts ties with World Health Organization!

“We have outlined the changes it has to carry out and communicate personally with them, but they have declined to respond and they have failed to carry out the necessary and desperately needed changes,” Trump said.

“Today we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirect those funds to other urgently needed global public health needs around the world.”

The US is the public health body ‘s biggest funder. Spending around $450 m in membership fees and voluntary donations for particular services.

On 19 May, Trump sent a four-page letter to the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Warning that he would indefinitely slash US WHO funds and rethink US membership. If the agency “was not persistence to major changes over the next 30 days.”

On Friday, just 10 days after the letter, he announced a withdrawal from the US.

Following the declaration of the ultimatum. A few U.S. health officials encouraged the WHO to demonstrate its commitment to adapt to the Trump administration. In the expectation that it would adapt the mind of the president. But U.S. sources say there was no substantive discussion on transition between the administration and the WHO.

Earlier this month the member states’ World Health Assembly (WHA) decided a comprehensive review. A review of the organization’s approach to the pandemic could be.

The US had advocated for Taiwan to be admitted as an delegate to the conference. And had strong western support to the initiative. But European diplomats have said in their initiative that the US was half-hearted and lost the tussle to China.

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