George Floyd’s protest proceeds in the United States for the 6th night in row

George Floyd's protest proceeds in the United States for the 6th night in row

Looters overrun streets in Washington DC and New York City and fires were ignited near the White House as the United States experienced its sixth night of violence fuelled by police killings of black people after the killing of George Floyd.

Nearly a week after unarmed black man George Floyd died in jail on Sunday when an officer knee-pressed against his back, marches spread from Boston to San Francisco.

George Floyd protest

Nearly 62,000 soldiers from the National Guard have now been deployed across 24 states to help authorities control civil unrest and deal with the ongoing coronavirus crisis and bushfires.

Strict curfews were enforced in 40 countries, and public transit services were shut down. But the controls were widely defied and other areas erupted into unrest once again.

Thieves forced their way into shops in several cities on Sunday night and made off with as much as they could bear, leaving shop owners, many of whom were just ramping up their business again after coronavirus pandemic lockdowns to clean up their destroyed storefronts.

In other places, police tried to calm conflicts by kneeling in unity with the protesters of George Floyd. While maintaining a strong police presence.

A truck driver had been driving at a crowd of demonstrators in Minneapolis earlier in the day.

During the protest days police arrested at least 4,400 people nationwide, according to a tally by The Associated Press.

Looting was widespread in downtown Washington DC as demonstrations turned brutal, and elsewhere in the area.

Police clashed with protesters of George Floyd near the White House. Firing tear gas and stun grenades as neighboring fires burned and looters moved through the city.

Protesters burst into a bank branch and empty boxes outside a jewellery shop were on the pavement.

When demonstrators started plundering a coffee shop, someone in the crowd shouted: “Who are you plundering a coffee shop for? You ‘re messing up the entire post.

An hour before Washington DC’s 11:00pm curfew. Police fired a massive dam of tear gas and stun grenades into a crowd of over 1,000 people. Largely clearing Lafayette Park across the street from the White House and scattering protesters into the streets.

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