Yemen’s growing pains in the civil war

Yemen’s growing pains in the civil war

The war in Yemen isn’t slowing down though the United States intervention in the Iran deal seems to be helping with reducing Iran’s strength. Though Yemen’s battles began long back there are many severe issues, damages and loss of people that has affected th country leading hundreds of thousands of people to flee the country and seek refuge in the nearby states. It is important to reflect on the damages caused to Yemen by the Iran supported Houthi rebels

In the start of 2015, 26 March: Soon after Saudi Air Force planes launch airstrikes on Sana’a International Airport and the al Dulaimi military airport  17 people are killed

30th March 2015: Saudi airstrikes hit a refugee camp in Harad District killing at least 40 people

By 10th April 2015 : The United Nations warns that the situation is continuing to deteriorate as they bring in humanitarian aid to them. India evacuates around 6000 people from Yemen including 700 nationals despite the no-fly zone imposed on the country.

The very next day  Though the  Yemeni government claims only 400 civilians were killed and 342 were injured, international statistics given by WHO states that 648 people were killed and 2,191 wounded, including militant casualties

The core activities from here on developed and  worsened ever since. The death tolls have not only risen but so have the involvement of Tehran in this civil crisis. Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states have accused Houthis of being a proxy for Iran though the Houthis deny this claim. Iran’s involvement is becoming an increasing problem as they are not only providing the financial support but also providing training to Houthis as well as advanced weapons mostly missiles. It is believed though not confirmed that the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have been training fighters in Yemen and have travelled to Iran and back for this intense training.

As of August 2018, US attacked the Houthi rebel base because of threat it received against its war ships present off of Yemen’s coast. US White House correspondent said that “ They will respond if threats are made again.” Until now US had provided technology and weapon support to Saudi Arabia led coalition to support Yemen’s struggle against the Houthis.