Yemen received 4 billion dollars from UAE in humanitarian assistance

Yemen received 4 billion dollars from UAE in humanitarian assistance

Yemen has received up to $4 billion in Humanitarian assistance from UAE and will continue to do so, Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation said “We are here for the long run. We have been with Yemen, there’s a commitment of almost $4bn in the last three years, since 2015-2018″.

Emirates Red Crescent is the UAE’s humanitarian campaign arm that has been handling operations since 2017.

“The (ERC) has been incredibly active in providing aid and, as of yesterday, has already dispatched a team that will help with the distribution of that aid,” and has so far provided 35,000 tonnes of food and supplies as well aid for around 2 million people in a month.

Arab Coalition that consists of Saudi and UAE had launched operations to retake the Hodeidah port. The Hodeidah port is the most crucial port as majority of the aid comes in from there and accounts for three quarters of Yemen’s imports. The Houthi rebels in Iran have been disrupting the port and using to receive weapons supplied by Iran and profit by illegally sold humanitarian aid.

Martin Griffiths is the UN envoy for Yemen and there is hope that they would have talks with Mr Hadi in the southern city of Aden on Wednesday. Many experts and analysts have said that Yemen needs a political solution as the war isn’t slowing down and growing in power. “We are hopeful and we believe in the political process, the UAE cannot imagine a setup where Houthis can be in the city of Hodeidah” Ms Al Hashimy said.

The UAE has demanded that the rebels retreat from the port and the city to avoid military assault. UAE has not only trained but also dispatched its troops to disengage more than 300,000 landmines. “We are committed to creating a stable environment to help Yemeni people thrive and reach their potential in terms of employment and health care. There is so much that they are capable of that they deserve and have been robbed of,” she said.

The UAE is a part of the Arab Coalition and will ensure that we bring stability, prosperity, and bringing the safety of civilian lives is at the forefront of what we need to do,”.

United Nations and Save the Children – an NGO group working to save the lives of starving children has stated that if the government loses the port to the rebels, famine will rise on a much larger scale and will completely cut the lifeline for millions fighting to chose whether they chose to buy food supplies or pay for their children who are suffering from malnutrition. More than 4 million children are suffering from starvation and the numbers are rising everyday.

Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the UAE government state that liberating Hodeidah was the most quintessential step towards a political solution. “We continue to support the UN-led efforts in Hodeidah and Yemen. A UN/Yemeni-led political process will accelerate with a Houthi decision to withdraw from Hodeidah and avoid a confrontation,” he said.