Germany – Poland triggered World War II

Germany – Poland triggered World War II

On the First of September 1939, Hitler made a plan to invade the 1,750 mile border of Poland and decided to share Poland with German’s secret ally USSR. They bombed the Polish naval bases and raided the air fields early morning in the Baltic Sea. Adolf Hitler claimed that they were defending themselves but Britain and France knew better and thus launched the war on Germany thus starting the World War II only two days after this incident.

Hitler planned to seize Poland and enslave the natives to work for the ‘racially superior’ Germans. While Poland’s poor strategy made them lose their land, all their leaders took flight because USSR took to the other end of their borders and Poland hopelessly got divided between Germany and USSR.

But Nothing was ever enough of Adolf Hitler so he planned to fight the mighty USSR and try to seize all of Poland and killed almost three million Polish Jews. To re-establish Poland the Soviets helped liberate Poland in 1945 by establishing a communist government in the nation.

(Image : German concentration camps in occupied Poland )


Post World War II

On august 2nd 1994, German President Roman Herzog, attended several memorial services that marked the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, and issued a public apology saying “I bow down before the fighters of the Warsaw Uprising as before all Polish victims of the war, I ask for forgiveness for what has been done to you by Germans. It fills us Germans with shame that the name of our country and people will forever be associated with pain and suffering, which was inflicted on Poland a million times, We mourn the dead of the Warsaw Uprising and all people who lost their lives in World War II.” Though Germany has sought to make amends, the Polish veterans and people are bitter about the torture and mass massacre the Germans had done.