Woman brutally murdered and thrown off of apartment by her husband

Woman brutally murdered and thrown off of apartment by her husband

A woman was allegedly murdered by her abusive husband in Brazil.

The video footage shows her final moments as she sprints away from her husband, Luis Manvailer chased her through a garage until she runs into a lift where he attacks her by kicking and then strangling her to death and ultimately throws her body from their fourth-floor balcony, police have stated.

Prosecutors say the footage of the attack revealed that her husband dragged her lifeless body into the elevator and had allegedly cleansed blood off the walls as a forensic countermeasure.

Luis Manvailer stated that his wife jumped to end her life after having an argument, though forensic experts state that she died from strangulation, not from falling from her apartment. Luis is currently under police custody awaiting trial.

Forensic experts suggest that was choked to death while desperately trying to defend herself as there were imprints of a pair of hands were on her throat, and the hyoid bone, at the front of the neck, was fractured.

According to the report “She did suffer multiple fractures to the rest of her body consistent with a 40ft fall onto concrete paving but there was no ‘evidence of any chemical reactions’ such as adrenalin and cortisol traces in her body that would indicate fear and an awareness of plummeting to the ground. She was already dead by the time she hit the ground, researchers said.

‘Our investigation proves that the victim was killed inside the apartment by asphyxiation and her body was thrown over the balcony of the apartment,’ said criminal prosecutor Dunia Rampazzo.

‘We believe the accused then took the elevator to the ground floor and collected Tatiane’s body, taking it back up to the apartment in the elevator.’

‘We suspect that before she was killed, Luis subjected his wife to a prolonged period of violent physical aggression.

‘This was not a suicide, but femicide (the killing of a woman by a man on account of her gender). The aggressor then attempted to escape by car and one witness recounts hearing him shout ‘my love, wake up’ before he fled and crashed into tree and when he was caught he said he ran away because the images of his wife’s body on the concrete was far too disturbing for him to live with.

Luis Manvailer has been charged with murder qualifying under Brazilian law of femicide, cruelty, clumsy motive and hindering the victim’s defence to further explain what happened along with incarceration of the victim and procedural fraud.