Whistleblower Bob Lazar is collaborating with a film director to talk about UFOs and Area 51

Whistleblower Bob Lazar is collaborating with a film director to talk about UFOs and Area 51

There are Men-in-Black, the Yeti, UFOs and many other events that have always wanted us to wonder whether extraterrestrial life exists or that goverment’s Area 51 is all just a hoax. 

The people who have claimed that they work at such organisations haven’t made it any easier in believing the research or facts they have uncovered.

Bob Lazar is one such person who is believed to be employed at S-4 a facility located near Area 51 in Nevada. In an interview conducted in 1989, Bob told the world that he was able to successfully reverse-engineer a UFO alien aircraft at Groom Lake in Nevada and proclaims that the vehicles he worked on had a fuel system that utilized element 115 the element has been identified to be Moscovium.

And in order to get Moscovium to function as a propulsion system, it has to be “bombarded by protons and excited by livermorium to create a gravitational wave.”

“Since it is impossible to synthesize thay element that heavy here on Earth. . . . The substance has to come from a place where super-heavy elements could have been produced naturally.”

He also stated that aliens have been visiting the earth for many years though he didn’t present any conclusive proof, and after more three decades, he has come out of the darkness and contacted American film director Jeremy Corbell to tell his story to a massive audience. Corbell has directed Patient Seventeen, Nano Man, The Anonymous Interview, and various other award winning documentaries, he is also best known for his immersive mixed-media art exhibitions that combine fine art, fashion and film. 

According to Openminds TV, Corbell’s documentary, Bob Lazar Area 51 and Flying Saucers will have its premiere at The Theater/Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Dec. 3. Mickey Rourke will be narrating the film.

Most reacted to this news concluding that it would be a highly scripted sci-fi movie resembling E.T. or Star Wars, while most believe he is a puppet of the government that wants to intimidate people. 

Though Bob Lazar is a maverick in the UFO community he is elusive and hard to reach, and for years he maintained silence after his televised interview. And reports state that he was arrested in 1990 he was arrested for his involvement with the operation of a Nevada brothel and on the other hand though his spaceship theory may have intrigued researchers his tales are almost certainly bogus, Investigations raised serious questions about his reliability. His claims about his education and employment could not be verified, and his character proved to be questionable. 

He also dropped the bombshell that we are not alone and in fact have been visited many times by extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli. 

Bob has also claimed to have read all the US government briefing documents that describe alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10,000 years. Bob’s claims have resulted in bringing the secret Area 51 site to the attention of the public.

The question that arises is how can or how will he discuss aspects of confidential research projects in the documentary if he the very government agency that he claims to work for swears to secrecy, so much so that the exact location or members of Area 51 have never been declared to this day !