Venus Williams settles fatal car crash lawsuit she was involved in

Venus Williams settles fatal car crash lawsuit she was involved in

Last year a man died in Florida as a result of car crash that tennis star Venus Williams was involved in. She recently has settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the family of Jerome Barson, court documents show, though details of the case were not disclosed. Both Venus Williams and Barson’s attorneys have not spoken to the media about the settlement. 

Mr Barson was 78 when he suffered from “massive” fatal injuries from the collision in Palm Beach Gardens city on 9 June 2017.

Venus Williams was cleared by the police of wrongdoing over the crash. 

The accident 

Mr Barson’s wife Linda was driving the couple’s vehicle through an intersection when the collision happened and was also earlier cleared by police investigators.

A report into the incident says that an unidentified third vehicle illegally crossed Ms Williams’s path as she tried to move through a busy main road on a green light near her home, and suddenly there was a chain reaction of events that ended with Linda’s vehicle slammed into the passenger side of Ms Williams’s SUV, the Associated Press reports.

Mr Barson was immediately taken to hospital but died two weeks later from his injuries.

Police investigators in a report stated that there were no drugs, alcohol or mobile phone distractions involved hence they were not going to be investigated in that direction 

Venus Williams, in the initial statement told the police that she had not seen the couple’s car at all and was driving slowly – in limits.

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