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National security analysts of CNN undisclosed ties oppressive Qatari regime


Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter

Shocked to hear this? Many of CNN’s national security analysts have undisclosed ties to oppressive Qatari regime – Conservative Review

Several of those CNN’s experts of national security you see on TV have direct links to Qatar state which funds terrorism enclave Islamist in Middle East placing itself on warpath against important regional allies of USA.

However, you won’t recognize these connections as regulars  of CNN disclose institutional & financial ties to Qatar when appearing on airwaves.

They also don’t forth-come their connections with Qatar offline. Even when discussing issues with a clear conflict of interest as commenting on UAE, KSA affairs with Israel.

Contributors of CNN have no problem to bat against rivals of Qatar while neglecting editorial freedom which is restricted or personally compromised.

Four regulators of CNN – two of them are full-time employees – double as propagandists tied with Qatar.

  • Ali Soufan

Regulator at CNN who was featured prominently in anti-Saudi Arabia documentary of network works as executive director of Qatar International Academy for Security Studies based in institution identical to U.S.-based Soufan Group.

Qatar’s top leaders have personal ties with Soufan who frequently rails against KSA, top arrival of Qatar for killing Jamal Khashoggi.

Ali H. Soufan on Twitter

Six months ago today, a man on the brink of his greatest happiness walked into Saudi Arabia’s Consulate in Istanbul…Lying in wait were more than a dozen trained Saudi agents, who murdered him and then brutally dismembered his body.” WaPo’s Fred Ryan

  • Mehdi Hasan

Regulator at CNN is a presenter for Al Jazeera – Qatar’s strongest media – which was favorite network of Osama bin Laden. Employer of Hassan pushesa steady stream out of anti-Semitic propaganda, pro-Islamist.

Al Jazeera English on Twitter

Osama bin Laden’s life through the eyes of people who knew him

“Mr. Hasan works for al Jazeera, the Qatari-owned media enterprise that advances the interests of the state and its royal family. When he speaks, he’s no less a government spokesman than Kellyanne Conway or Sarah Sanders. But the government he represents — to millions of unsuspecting American viewers — has long promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, funds the bloodthirsty designated terror group Hamas, has helped al Qaeda and the Taliban fundraise, and is relentlessly hostile to American interests”, David Reaboi explained

Hassan Hassan on Twitter

Another big one: “Qaradawi, if he talks, that’ll help and boost popular confidence that the (Libyan) rebels are right. Qaradawi’s shift = Qaddafi is over. “Al Jazeera, thank God, carries the banner of revolutions.

  • Juliette Kayyem

National security analyst at CNN controlled by Qatar which to secure bids of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup. Juliette has spoken regularly on on behalf of organization as a contact‘s media point for shadowy group. Kayyem has not been forthcoming that ICSS is controlled by Doha. A 2015 flyer presents Kayyem as part of ICSS spokespeople can answer questions about two-day summit.

The leader of ICSS is Mohammed Hanzab, who has a background asdefense specialist in Qatari military served as president of QIASS of Ali Soufan.

Kayyem takes to airwaves regularly to bash rivals of Qatar transforming accounts of her social media into a one-stop shop for anti-Saudi Arabia while discussing issues regarding Middle East politics.

  • Peter Bergen

Peter Bergen does not have a direct link to a Qatari institution unlike other individuals. However, Bergen is a regular visitor to energy-rich nation which pushes agitprop of Qatar while discussing Middle East affairs.

Last November, Bergen wrote from Doha;

“Qatar looks like a far more natural ally for the United States than the Saudis”

Bergen lectures frequently at institutions funded by Qatar as Georgetown University Qatar.

He moderated a panel at forum of Doha last year held under auspices of Qatari regime.

Bio states of Bergen has the largest number of Qatari students at U.S. university sponsored by Qatari state institutions.

Ali Soufan on CNN: Torture doesn’t work

Published on Dec 12, 2014

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