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Meng Wanzhou, Huawei CFO sues Canada after detaining her illegally


Chief financial officer of Huawei accuses Canadian authorities of detained her on behalf of US government as an act of violation against her.

Meng Wanzhou sued Canada in a civil lawsuit claiming that she was detained unlawfully for three hours without being told of her constitutional rights in addition to searching her luggage & electronic equipment before knowing she was under arrest.

On Sunday, Lawyers for Meng who is her daughter made lawsuit documents available to journalists after had been filed on Friday.

The allegations about the arrest of Meng on December at Vancouver International Airport. The detention towards one of top tech executives in china set off a political firestorm at request of US government.

Chinese officials believe Meng arrest as a political move by President Trump to gain leverage in Trading & technological clash between two countries.

Huawei CFO suing Canada over December arrest |

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou is suing the Canadian government, its border agency, and federal police. She alleges she was detained, searched, and interrogated for three hours in violation of her constitutional rights. Zachary Goelman…

Huawei is one of the biggest smartphone brands as same as Samsung & Apple that made her largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world.

Huawei is a key player is next-generation wireless technology, 5G which forced USA to pressure allies in order to limit the participation of Huawei in 5G networks as national security threat.

Washington believes that China would use its ties with Huawei to spy on other nations despite the fact that n evidences are provided to back up those accusations.

Huawei has requested her extradition from Canada formally after US indicted Meng on charges of sanctions evasion.

“Meng was subject to a detention, search and interrogation to extract evidence from her before she was arrested. Officers from the Canada Border Services Agency stopped her and told her to surrender all her electronic devices which includes two personal cellphones, an iPad, and a personal computer. Officers asked for the devices’ passwords, she had no choice as the officials intentionally failed to advise her of the true reasons for her detention, her right to counsel, and her right to silence”, according to Meng’s lawyers accusation of Canada.



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