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Homeless Students rise up


Homelessness among  enrolled students in schools from KG through 12th grade has increased 70 % over last decade.

 National Center for Homeless Education published a report this month held at University of North Carolina at Greensboro includes snapshots of  homeless using federal data reported  by states annually to the Department of Education.

The number of enrolled students increased from 1.26 million students in 2014-15 school year to 1.36 million students in2016-17 school year by 7 %.

20 % increase was recorded upward in nine states in addition to a growth in homeless student populations by 10% in 20 states.

Reasons for the continued increase in homelessness among students are not mention in the report. However, the most extreme increase was in unaccompanied homeless youth subgroup by 25% making up 10% of homeless student population in 28 states from 20 states in last school year.

The percentage of students who are still learning English of all students in homeless situations accounts for 16% which was a 19% rise earlier 3 years besides students with a disability increased by 14%. Referring that, only 13% of all K-12 students are disabled with 2/3 of states reported disabled students 20% of their homeless students.

76 % of homeless students share housing because of financial reasons. 14% resided in shelters, 4% were unsheltered & 6% had a nighttime residence of motels.



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