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Display of anti-Muslim related to GOP like Rep. Ilhan to a terrorist rocks capitol of W. Virginia


“We have allowed national level politics to become a cancer on our state”, House speaker announced.

Last Friday, State Republican Party set up an anti-Muslim display in rotunda in West Virginia statehouse in order to link 9/11 terror attacks to Minnesotan congresswoman.

One staff official resigned as he was accused of making anti-Muslim comments in addition to physically injuring another member during morning’s confrontations.

The featured picture displayed of World Trade Center in NY City as an exploded fireball from one of the Twin Towers above a picture of Muslim Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

(((Mike Pushkin))) on Twitter

This poster is in your Capitol on a booth sponsored by @WVGOP “When someone shows you who they are, believe them

Several Democrats expressed their dissatisfaction & argued with Anne Lieberman, sergeant of the House at arms who made an anti-Muslim remark.

“Muslims are not terrorists. Christians have killed people. That doesn’t mean Christians are terrorists. I am a Christian. I am a proud Christian. I am not a terrorist”, Del. Mike Angelucci, D-Marion said.

UPDATE | W.Va. GOP responds to controversy over anti-Muslim display

UPDATE 3/2/19 @ 8:25 a.m. West Virginia Republican Party Chairwoman Melody Potter is speaking out after a war of words broke out at the West Virginia Capitol Friday over a controversial poster that was displayed during a “Republicans Take the Rotunda” event. “The West Virginia Republican Party does not approve, condone, or support hate speech,” the statement says.

According to WVNews, democrat, Del. Mike Pushkin stated the following;

“It’s ugly, it’s hateful and there’s absolutely no place for it in American politics. Not in the country that I love. Not in the state that I love. We all give up our time during this time of year to come up here and serve our constituents because we love this state. Well, I love everybody in the state no matter what they look like, who they pray to, who they love. I’m tired of it. It disgusts me”

WV House Democrats condemn anti-Muslim speech, signs

CHARLESTON – As the House of Delegates gaveled into session Friday morning, a handful of Democrats expressed outrage over several anti-Muslim signs and pamphlets displayed outside the chamber. Part of a display for “WV GOP Day” at the Legislature, the signs and pamphlets included statements connecting the religious faith of a U.S.


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