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Golan Heights Political Stations

Golan Heights
The political situation for Golan Heights from 1948 till 2019.

White House officially recognized the sovereignty of Israeli over occupied Golan Heights. During Netanyahu’s visit to Washington in a “historic” move since Israel had seized in 1967.

Here is a short brief of the political situation for Golan Heights from 1948 till 2019.

Political Stations for Golan Heights

Israel captured the area in the 1967 Six-Day War and formally annexed them in 1981. Now US President Donald Trump intends to defy the international community by accepting the claim — a grave mistake, says Rainer Sollich.

One could be tempted to look at the move in a positive light and say: We finally have a US president who is willing to leave the trodden path of established Middle East diplomacy.
A president who bravely embarks on a new path rather than continue along the ineffective one established by
  • UN resolutions.
one which has led to no real political solution for decades.
One must also admit that Donald Trump is right about one thing: Israel’s control of the Golan Heights is a fact.
And that fact will not change any time soon — perhaps never.
So why shouldn’t one simply accept reality? Doesn’t the quest for a realistic political solution have to start with a blunt assessment of realities on the ground?

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