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A strong storm southern United States of America

United States of America
Severe storms spawn dangerous tornadoes over southern US.

At least seven people killed in the southern United States of America by a strong storm that caused devastation in several states. As the two-day storm killed three people in Louisiana and three others in Alabama and a man in Texas.

The Provincial Parish Office of Bossier, northwestern Louisiana, said that:

  • The hurricane After arriving in the area.
  • As well as, the storm last night caused the souls of a married couple and destroyed their home.

A strong storm southern United States of America

The Sheriff’s office added that:

  • The storm moved their home from its original location for a distance of two hundred feet (61 meters).

According to the Alabama State Electricity Authority:

  • “On Saturday afternoon, the storm caused a major blackout in tens of thousands of people.”

Winter storms struck the United States of America

A number of social media pioneers exchanged pictures and videos showing the severity of the winter storms that struck the United States of America.

  1. At least ten people died
  2. More than a thousand flights were cancelled
  3. As well as, Electricity cut off by hundreds of thousands in five US states on Saturday
  4. It led to a winter storm Heavy snow
  5. Finally, Rain in a region that extended from Texas to Michigan

The National Weather Service said that:

  • Storms invaded areas starting from Texas through the southeast and the Great Lakes to Maine.
  • Which led to strong winds blowing through hurricanes and snow.
  • That ranged between five centimetres and 13 centimetres thick on Friday night, and in the early hour of Saturday morning.
  • Eventually, More precipitation expected Snow falls on Sunday in Illinois, Michigan, northern New York, and New England regions.
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