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Lifting endangered species protections for gray wolves in Lower 48 states


A group of ranchers & farmers is praising a proposal of federal agency in order to drop protections for gray wolves across 48 lower states.

Wolves have recovered from management & extinction of the species in order to return to state wildlife agencies, according to federation of American Farm Bureau.

Ryan Yate, Director of Congressional Relations said that many members of the group have lost livestock to wolf kills since the recovering of population.

Ranchers & farmers respect policies of the state to protect wolves.

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On Wednesday, David Bernhard, U.S. Interior Secretary announced during a speech the plan to remove gray wolf protections at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Denver.

Nation’s population of gray wolves no longer needs federal protection after the full recovery across the Lower 48 states.

Gavin Shire, spokesman of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the week-long event focuses on wildlife conservation policy including government officials, researchers, etc,,,,.

When there were about 1,000 Gray wolves in 1975, endangered species protections were received that helped in breeding  5,000 living across US in Northern Rockies & Western Great Lakes.

Hundreds of Gray wolves were killed by hunters annually after lifting Protections for wolves of Northern Rockies states in 2011.

However, expansion of wolves will be slow after lifting the protection that gives hunters the legal right to hunt in Idaho, Northern Rockies states of Montana & Wyoming.



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