United Nations praised UAE’s efforts in aiding Yemen

United Nations praised UAE’s efforts in aiding Yemen

The Director of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Aden, André Reykjia, praised the humanitarian and development projects of the UAE  Red Crescent in the liberated areas of Al Hudaydah Governorate, which extends on the west coast of Yemen.

During the meeting, they discussed the humanitarian and relief assistance plan aimed at the people of Al Hudaydah governorate as well as future development and service projects in the liberated areas to enjoy an adequate standard of living, as well as discussing the mechanism to contribute to the demining of mines and explosive devices.

Reykjia praised the UAE’s humanitarian and relief efforts in helping the Yemeni people and alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people. The meeting focused on children, women and the elderly by providing them with the basic requirements that enable them to overcome the difficult conditions they face.  In addition, the Humanitarian Aid Manager of the United Arab Emirates, in Yemen, spoke about a relief bridge for land, sea and air to the residents of Al Hudaydah, in addition to the plan of implementation of development and service projects, the plan and projects of the UAE Red Crescent Authority in the West Coast of Yemen.

Andrea Reykjia expressed his appreciation for the urgent assistance plan for the relief of liberated areas in Hodeidah and its importance in alleviating the consequences of the difficult humanitarian conditions resulting from the events in Yemen.  He pointed out that the Red Crescent projects implemented in the liberated areas will make a big difference in the lives of Yemeni citizens and the level of providing the necessary services needed by the affected and improve their current conditions.

He said that the UAE’s rapid response to urgent humanitarian appeals in Yemen confirms its commitment to international law by providing a land, sea and air relief bridge, in addition to implementing developmental projects, supporting the United Nations efforts in the relief field and also its humanitarian responsibility towards those affected by the events in Yemen.  The head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Aden said that the relief operations and development projects carried out by the UAE Red Crescent in the newly liberated areas in the west coast of Yemen and the most affected by the events would mitigate the impact of the damage caused to the residents of these areas and enhance their ability to overcome the conditions that they pass by.

He also praised the airdrops of humanitarian aid and relief through umbrellas, stressing that they are highly appreciated and prove the UAE’s determination to help the Yemeni people and provide better living conditions for the affected and alleviate their suffering. .  Al-Kaabi said that the UAE’s development projects in Yemen are significantly improving the level of basic services in various fields, including health, education, service and projects of providing potable water, electricity and infrastructure, which is directly reflected in improving the quality of life.

The two sides stressed the importance of joint coordination for the implementation of projects between the United Nations humanitarian organizations and the UAE Red Crescent to serve relief and humanitarian efforts throughout Yemen.