UAE warns its citizens from Hurricane Michael in the US

Hurricane Michael
Florida declared a state of emergency and urged residents to prepare for Hurricane Michael.

The UAE consulate in the United States has sent a warning to its citizens in Florida that Hurricane Michael has reached the coastal region.

UAE warning to its citizens in the US

The consulate called on UAE nationals to follow up on local weather channels and to call 911 for help and communication with the consulate.

A state of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Durian

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency and urged residents to prepare for Hurricane Durian.

Governor DeSantis said that:

He has declared a state of emergency to ensure Florida fully prepared for Hurricane Durian. He must have a plan in case of a disaster.

The cyclone is because of arriving in the state’s coastal area on Wednesday.

what are the preparations citizens should do?

Florida residents are storing food and water and fortifying their homes to prepare for Hurricane Durian. While others are preparing to evacuate.

The announcement of the US National Hurricane Center:

The US National Hurricane Center announced that tropical storm Michael had turned into a hurricane. Which expected to intensify on its way to sweep the northwestern part of Florida with winds of at least 160 km per hour.

What is Hurricane Michael?

Michael is a first-class hurricane, but meteorologists predicted that when he reached land on the third category on the five-point scale of Ambassador Simpson, accompanied by torrents that could threaten human life.

He added, “I will continue to monitor Hurricane Durian closely with emergency management officials, the state stands ready to support all provinces along the coast as they prepare.”

How does people prepare to Hurricane Durian?

People in Puerto Rico prepared for Hurricane Durian, which expected to hit the eastern part of the island later. Durian boosted to become a hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center at 2 pm (local time). 75 mph

The Mr President Donald Trump comment on twitter:

US President Donald Trump wrote on his official Twitter page that the administration “is closely following tropical storm Dorian, which expected to arrive in Puerto Rico today.”

Hurricane Michael

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