Reason why new cars costs $550/month for Americans?!


In the era of Netflix, Americans will manage their finances based on the monthly payments for their subscription, with little concern towards the total will be paid in long run.

Automotive industry & leaders responsible for financing car loans benefit from the remaining of auto sales near record levels.

Average price of vehicles hit $36,000 in 2018, with rising interest rates. Car shoppers extend their loans to record lengths by borrowing more than ever.

New-car buyers accepted paying an average of $551/month for 69 months in January, which with 10% monthly compared to 3 years before.

The debt of Car has risen 75% reaching $1.2 trillion since Great Recession in 2009.

Driving into debt | U.S. PIRG

In much of America, access to a car is all but required to hold a job or lead a full and vibrant life. Generations of car-centric transportation policies – including lavish spending on roads, sprawl-inducing land use policies and meager support for other modes of transportation – have left millions of Americans fully dependent on cars for daily living.

“Easy credit and longer repayment terms have coaxed many consumers into buying more car than they can really afford. It’s even worse for those who have been subjected to deceptive and predatory lending practices at auto dealers”, said Ed Mierzwinski, senior director for consumer programs in U.S. PIRG.

Annual interest rates rose from 4.68% in January 2017 to 4.99% same month in 2018 then to 6.19% in January 2019. Monthly payments will be out of reach for buyers with an average $37,000 for new-vehicle prices.

“The economy is still at a very strong level. Although interest rates are coming up, which obviously can increase the purchase cost of the vehicle, on a historic basis they’re still at a very low level”, according to a leader in US division of Honda, Henio Arcangeli, Jr.

Record 7 million Americans are 90 days behind on car loan payments

A new report on household debt sounds an alarm about the economy. A record 7 million Americans are at least 90 days behind on their car loan payments. Dean Reynolds has more.

83 % of Americans depend on their own car to get to work every day. 7 million Americans are now on their auto loan payments at least 3 months misdemeanant. Number of troubled borrowers is than in 2010 after the economic crisis in 2008 led to bailing automakers and financiers out.

“I had to make the decision between paying car notes and buying food. possessed”, said 26-year-old single mom defaulted on her 2010 Chevrolet Equinox loan

Car loan statistics 2019 | Americans owe $1.1 trillion in auto debt

A car loan allows a buyer to get behind the wheel without fronting the full cost of the vehicle. Sounds good, right? Well, most loans come with fees and interest that you pay back over the course of the loan. For an idea of the credit score auto loan companies look for, 707 is middle of the road.

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