Qatar and terrorism .. Cross-border and continental schemes

Qatar and terrorism
Washington has accused Qatar of being the largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Qatar and terrorism the list of Qatari support for terrorism goes on, and Doha needs a lot of persuasions to get rid of it.

Hardly a day goes by and reveals new evidence of Qatar’s involvement in supporting terrorism in the region and in different regions around the world.

Qatar and terrorism

Support terrorism internationally

Globally, a US report in June revealed that Doha exploited legal loopholes to finance terrorists on international terrorism lists.

Washington has accused Qatar of being the largest state sponsor of terrorism

Doha also provides protection for internationally wanted terrorists, including Khalifa al-Subaie, Mubarak al-Ajji, and Abdul Rahman al-Nuaimi.

In Italy:

a Qatari air-to-air missile with a far-right group known as the “neo-Nazis” was found recently.

Italian police said in a statement:

“seized during the operation an air-to-air missile in good operation, used by the Qatari army,” noting that the suspects tried to sell the missile through talks on the application of WhatsApp.

Subsequent tests showed that the missile, a French-made Matra, was once owned by the Qatari armed forces.

Italian journalist Vincenzo Tomasini said that:

“We know that Qatar is funding a new mosque in the northern part of Italy, but we did not expect that it would finance extremist groups with weapons,

“These neo-Nazi sympathizers must be described as terrorists. This is a new definition of terrorism because they believe in the superiority of the white race, and this is also a matter of concern.”

In May, Indian intelligence arrested a national working in Doha on suspicion of links to ISIS.

Qatar spread terrorism activities around the world:

As Qatar continues its activities in the region and around the world, its role in supporting terrorism is crystal clear. While Doha has always sought to deny this suspicion, its behavior alone can confirm it.

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