Palestinian Authority is terrified of Qatari role to marginalize its role in Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authority is terrified of Qatari role to marginalize its role in Gaza Strip

Officially, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave Abu Mazen approval to his relatives in presidential office in Ramallah to launch a strong attack on Qatar which began announcing the start of its projects in Gaza without coordination.

This was all done when Qatari ambassador entered Gaza from its northern crossing “Erez” link to Israel to oversee projects of Qatar reconstruction in Gaza has held a meeting with Israeli officials individually where he agreed to allow Israel to bring building materials into Gaza for reconstruction projects funded by Qatar.

A senior Palestinian official in Ramallah, leader of Abu Mazen’s Fatah movement, claimed that accompanied by Israel’s revelation that proposals madeby international parties as well as Hamas in Gaza while ideas were exchanged for a five- In exchange for lifting of the siege & establishment of a port in Gaza, away from the participation of other Palestinian factions & away from the Egyptian shepherd as usual in the talks of the recent truce.

However, “Hamas” evaded these proposals & denied completely.

Palestinian leadership learned of first meeting between Al-Emadi & Israelis in Jerusalem on Israeli side that transfer agreement to representative of Authority in channel of civil contact with Israel Minister Hussein Al-Sheikh.

They did not know that talks were about truce except through media only.

PA, leadership of Fatah & President Abu Mazen feel that something is being managed behind their backs & behind back of Egyptian mediator who have to intervene in imagesnot yet known whether through pressure on Hamas or dealing with next stage not to lose role of mediation.

Palestinian Authority believes that these steps, especially truce file & construction of a port away from Authority will financed by a country. The first is to separate Gaza from West Bank before building an independent entity.

Palestinian leaders said that they have strong doubts indicate role of a new country on ground to embarrass Authority again & push to undermine powers of wisdom in Gaza, through deal of reconstruction.

In Ramallah,there are those who point out that it may be a new strategy invented by Qatar to gain points to strengthen Hamas without denying Qatar’s disregard for power in reconstruction of Gaza besides extracting Israeli approvals for reconstruction without coordination with authorities in power.

Qatar’s $ 1 billion grant will go to rebuild Gaza Strip & the entry of building materials will be through Israeli crossings which means understandings have been reached in order to complete the deal.

Fatah leader Ahmed Assaf warned of the danger of Hamas negotiating with Israel alone as the goal was to separate the sector.

Rabah Muhanna, a member of Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) political bureau said separation plan posed a serious threat to the national project.

People’s Party has stressed its criticism of Qatar on reconstruction projects without reference to authority saying that Palestinians one representative & one of Qatar does not represent us anything.


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