Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Schemes Worldwide

Muslim Brotherhood
Tens of thousands of supporters demonstrated in support of President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was ousted by the military.

The fact of the Muslim Brotherhood organization based on tyrants and the claim that it is a victim of decades of persecution, as soon as they came to power in some countries abused the people, then fled carrying their disappointment and left a heavy legacy of terrorism.

What is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist schemes spread to countries where they did not rule and fled to them. It has frequently denounced terrorism and violence.

But the facts, events and recent developments in Yemen are clear to reveal what was going on under the table between the Houthis and the Brotherhood.

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Yemen situation from the Brotherhood and the Houthi

Cooperation between the Brotherhood and the Houthi militias is no longer a secret in the state of Yemen.

Yemen situation has witnessed clear spinning scenes between the Brotherhood and the Houthi militia.

It paid stabs to the southern resistance when Aden Yemen liberated from the Houthi militia.

As well as, It facilitated terrorist elements to disrupt stability in the interim capital of Yemen.

Tricks and conspiracies of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Muslim Brotherhood with the militia Houthi against the Arab Alliance countries in Yemen.

Their situation against UAE:

Its wing in Yemen is seeking to thwart efforts by the Arab coalition (UAE and Saudi) to merge security and stability in the liberated provinces.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Yemeni wing, Al-Islah, seeks to support the two terrorist organizations al-Qaeda and ISIS. In order to control the liberated areas and launch inflammatory campaigns against the Arab coalition.

One-third of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Hadhramaut affiliated with Islah, confirming their involvement in supporting terrorism and its elements.

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