“Game of Thrones” will return to the screen with new events

Game of Thrones
The last episode saw some 200 million people, about 11 million Americans, taking leave to watch, and some consider the end of the series to be acceptable

“Game of Thrones” will return to the screen with new events. After millions of their grief over the end of the last season of the historic series of “The Conflict of the Arush”, and many of its heroes died in the last episode.

Game of Thrones will return to the screen with new events

The network of «HP», America, good news for all fans of the series «Game of Thrones, It is the start of production for a series of events.

The series will take place a thousand years before the events of the series “Conflict of the Arush.”

​​The series tells the events of the Seven Kingdoms 5,000 years before the conflict between families.

  • which ended with the occurrence of many victims.

The show was already filmed in Northern Ireland, last week at the Belfast Studios, which filmed the eight seasons of the original series.

Naomi Watts is the hero of the new series

The British actress Naomi Watts will star in the new series, as well as Denise Goff, Shilla Atim, Ivano Jeremiah, Alex Sharp, and Toby Rigbo.

It is not yet clear whether any of the original protagonists are involved in the new work.

• Naomi Watts’s promise to the “Arash conflict”

For her part, promised Naomi Watts lovers of the series «conflict Arroush».

Not to repeat the disappointment that emerged at the end of the eighth season of the series, according to the newspaper «Metro» British.

It is expected that the serial episode of the series, written by SG. Clarkson », in late or early 2020.

Dissatisfaction and division because of the end of the “Arush conflict” disappointing to his fans

The eighth and final season of the series “Conflict of the Arush”, which was presented in May.
The most divisive, as both fans and critics found certain developments in the plot.
Especially those relating to one of the main characters is disturbing.

The most prominent criticism of the fans of the evil transformation of the character of Denis Targaryen (Queen of the Dragons),

Played by actress Emilia Clarke; used her dragon to destroy the capital of the Kingdom after the surrender of its enemies.

Targarine is killed in the last episode by her lover John Snow, who plays actor Kate Harrington, fearing that her tyranny is merely a reflection of her predecessors.

Then her last surviving dragon burns the iron throne and dissolves it with its burning breath.

The legendary series “Conflict of the Arush” ended after the show’s sixth and final episode of the eighth season, on Sunday 19 May.

Al-Arush is the most successful television project in the past nine years, which has gained worldwide popularity and has contributed to the enrichment of English.

The secret of the success of the “Arush conflict” globally

The secret of the success of the series “Conflict of the Arush” in the world.
in all parts of it for several reasons
including the struggle between the seven kingdoms to power,
re-recounting events occurred in one form or another around the world in the past
Although the basis of the series was the history of England and France In the twelfth and fifteenth centuries.

The last episode saw some 200 million people, about 11 million Americans, taking leave to watch.

Some consider the end of the series to be acceptable
but not worth the effort of eight years ago to present its successive seasons.

Despite the intense criticism, the eighth and final season of the award-winning Emmy series broke the record for the network ” B. Or “.

Which said that so far there were about 43 million viewers per episode in the United States alone, up 10 million from the seventh season in 2017.

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