Association of Islah political role in Yemen

association of Islah
The Islah Party open plan at the local and international levels and regions aimed at rapprochement with destructive projects

The association of Islah exposes the betrayals of the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood of Yemen. The fact of it based on tyrants and the claim that it is a victim of decades of persecution. As soon as they came to power in some countries abused the people, then fled carrying their disappointment and left a heavy legacy of terrorism.

The role of the association of Islah in Yemen

The malignant role and betrayals of Yemen from the association of Islah, its rapprochement (under Qatari-Turkish patronage) with the Houthi terrorist militia. In order to, change the course of the Arab coalition battle to end the militia coup.

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Who are the supporters of the association of Islah?

The association of Islah and Muslim Brotherhood incited its supporters from the province of al-Mahra and its media battalions. In order to, demonstrate against the Arab coalition countries (UAE and Saudi) that seek to remove Yemen from the clutches of Houthi.

Al-Islah party and Muslim Brotherhood betrayed the Yemen security men and the security belt and fabricated accusations against them alleging that they had secret prisons.

The Islah armed men:

The Islah Party has more than 40,000 armed men in areas controlled by the Houthi militia as cells in Yemen.

The association of Islah plan:

The Islah Party open plan at the local and international levels and regions aimed at rapprochement with destructive projects. As well as, an assertion requires the coalition to cut off the Brotherhood cells in parallel with its war against the Houthi coup.

The association of Islah powerful:

Islah is involved in supporting al-Qaida to control the districts of the Hadhramaut coast in Yemen.

Islah controlled Hadramaut in Yemen under the name of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Islah Party, the Brotherhood’s arm, is the main source of terrorism in Yemen. Pointing to the existence of “Brotherhood” plans to sow terrorism in the liberated provinces

As well as, Islah is behind the chaos that followed the liberation of the Houthi coup militia and terrorist elements. Pointing out that the Islah elements seek to show Aden an unstable and unsafe situation.

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