World Conference of Muslim Minorities…Opportunities and Challenges

World Conference of Muslim Minorities
The UAE will host and manage the World Conference of Muslim Communities, which establishes the values ​​of tolerance in religions.

World Conference of Muslim Minorities discusses the challenges and experiences of half a billion Muslims, hosting Abu Dhabi on the eighth and ninth of next May.

The UAE will host and manage the World Conference of Muslim Communities, which establishes the values ​​of tolerance in religions.

Which is being held under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, with the participation of more than 400 Islamic leaders from more than 140 countries to highlight the experiences, successes, and challenges of about half a billion Muslims living in countries outside the Muslim World League.

The conference will be attended by :

  • prominent Islamic leaders
  • decision-makers and religious, cultural, political and media figures specialized in the affairs of Muslim minorities

Especially, The establishment of this cultural, religious and civilizational edifice is an objective response to :

  • Decades of social
  • Security disintegration

Due to the absence of a coherent vision on both sides of the equation.

So, Here is the talk about the host countries of the World Conference of Muslim Minorities (as residents and citizens).

As well as the Muslim minorities, which are still a large segment of them suffer from :

  • The complex accepts the other
  • The ability to fusion
  • In order to direct their individual and collective expressions

In order to preserve the national constants and legal and ethical rules governing the social contract between host countries and World Conference of Muslim Minorities.

The World Conference of Muslim Minorities is:

As well as, a global platform for communication between the leaders of Muslim communities and extending bridges of cooperation between them and their countries.

In order to activate their cultural role in their societies in order to :

  • preserve the intellectual
  • spiritual security of their children
  • In order to achieve a common good living

The vision of the Conference :

To achieve the civilizational witnesses of the Muslim communities through :

  • positive interaction with the rest of the components of their societies
  • As well as, strengthening the system of citizenship and pride of national belonging

Conference Objectives :

So, International cooperation for the implementation of international instruments. Especially the civil rights of minorities, in order to achieve global security.

Activating the role of religious diplomacy:

  • To break disputes, wars, and strife
  • Confronting currents of violence and hatred
  • Dialogue among peoples

Conference message :

Eventually, Improve the functioning of institutions of Muslim communities to play their leading role.

Coordinating the efforts of states, Islamic institutions, and others through the development of a joint Islamic strategy of action.

As well as, legalization of the integration of Muslim societies in the building of their societies and participation in their civil and civilization renaissance.

In order to Activating the role of Muslim societies in bridging the cultural gap between the Western and Islamic systems.

Launch global and regional initiatives to combat extremism and hatred of others.

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