Why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

Why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

Dubai is the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world, and they estimate it that by 2017 Dubai will take third place. They announced it last year in 2015 that 14.2 million visitors traveled Dubai, making a 10 percent rise in 2014 compared to 2013. With 1.6 million visitors, they estimate Indians to lead the table. By 2020 Dubai expects 20 million tourists in one year. To meet this number of tourists, it is important to rise at a pace of 7 to 8 percent per year. But why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

Those are some remarkable and impressive figures for a city that is surrounded by nothing but Sand and where every other day the summer heat reaches 50 degrees. The question is why and how Dubai has become the most popular tourist destination in the world, and why Dubai has become the dream-land for every other tourist in the world.

Why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

In recent decades, growth in financial and business services, trade and logistics, and tourism development has played an important role in fueling the emergence of Dubai as a global business hub. They have developed many free zones across the town for this reason. These free zones played a very important role in the diversification of Dubai’s economy and in the city’s development’s business hub. Company tourists from all over the world have been excited about visiting Dubai because it provides both business activities and fun at a time.

The other justification to become the best tourist destination is that it has the world’s best tourist attractions such as the world’s largest Burj Khalifa building, one and only seven star hotels in the world Burj Al Arab, the world’s largest and exclusive shopping malls such as The Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, World Largest Aquarium, Man-made Island called The Palm, Heaven on Earth the Miracle Garden and many more. This is not the end, several projects are still under way and they will add to Dubai’s wonders, such as The Tower which will be 100 meters taller than Burj Khalifa, World Largest Ferris Wheel named Dubai Eye.

According to the report by the Brooking Institute based in Washington, they ranked Dubai last year as the Fastest Growing Metropolitan City in the World for its rising economy. The study says no other metropolitan city has developed faster than Dubai in relation to its national economy. Dubai has become the world’s center for professional services, tourism, industry, and transport. It is another explanation for the enthusiastic growth of tourists around the world to visit that area.

More reasons for Why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

We know Dubai for its high-paying work and luxurious lifestyle. This is yet another big reason Dubai has become Expats ‘favorite destination. As Dubai is an enterprise center. All the time economic activity remains at its peak. Dubai has the lowest jobless rate in the world. Organizations require permanent staff. They give the people from all over the world the best-paid jobs. Dubai offers its residents high living standards and luxurious life, which attracts tourists the most. Dubai’s costly and glamorous lifestyle on the one hand and Dubai’s high-paid employment on the other. This makes Dubai the iconic tourist destination.

Dubai still presents itself as the tourists ‘fantasy land with so much luxury, glamour and exciting ventures. Dubai is a place where daily fantasy has been transformed into reality. Dubai’s standard of living is one of the highest in the world. Dubai really has everything you need to spoil yourself with the luxury lifestyle. It has become the dream tourist destination for travelers. From all over the world, with so many wonder projects in Dubai. I will strongly recommend that everyone visits Dubai once in a lifetime. You definitely will not be disappointed.


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