UAE urges residents to follow instructions amid Coronavirus

UAE urges residents to follow instructions amid Coronavirus

The UAE government has called on the expats and Asian communities there to stay at home unless critical supplies such as food and medication, or job results, are absolutely required.

UAE urges residents to stay home

Tonight, in a joint statement, the Ministry of the Interior and the National Emergency and Crisis and Disaster Management Authority urged UAE citizens, tourists, visitors and all those living in the country to abide by the directives and guidelines provided by qualified health and safety authorities, in particular by restricting social interactions and avoiding crowded places to ensure their safety and well-being.

“We also encourage residents to use their own family cars with up to three people per vehicle. Also, We advise them not to visit public places. And enforce social distance protocols during family reunions as part of the precautionary steps taken to ensure public health and safety,” the statement added.

The two authorities have advised all to use face masks and not enter hospitals except for serious or emergency cases.

“Further guidance on using public transport, taxis and other forms of transportation will be provided later,” the statement said.

The UAE communicable diseases rule. It contains fines and sentences of imprisonment, will enforce against all violators, the statement added.

Sharjah Police said on its social networking sites: “To protect the community’s health and safety. Sharjah Police are advising the public not to socialize.People should avoid public areas, follow directives and remain at home.”

UAE government understands that the danger is great. Coronavirus is not something to joke about. All residents should have understood this by now. All residents of the UAE should stay home till the government tells them otherwise. To avoid a crisis that nobody can handle.

Residents should help the government do its job. To help eliminate that threat once and for all.

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