New York Times wrong claiming about “ToTok” UAE App

The hidden relationship between Qatar and New York Times.

The indirect campaigns distort the picture of UAE on the occasion of its entry to Expo 2020, what is considered the most powerful economic event in the world, despite the UAE’s advancing progress through generations, obstacles have always appeared to hinder its march towards progress. which recently appear through New York Times False claims about “ToTok” Application.

UAE hosting Expo 2020 Dubai

With the approach of the greatest event that the UAE has the honour to host the Expo 2020 Dubai. This is the first time that the exhibition has been held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The Expo is considered one of the largest and most important international events.

Qatar seeks to discredit the image of the UAE

In the previous period, the UAE was subjected to many events that allegations from various parties driven by the hidden party, which had been recently exposed by the Emirati writer Majid Al-Raisi.

The hidden relationship between Qatar and the New York Times

Emirati writer Majid Al-Raisi revealed the relationship of the Qatari regime to the American New York Times, which recently tried to offend the United Arab Emirates by publishing lies and allegations about the application “ToTok“.

Majid Al-Raisi said in a tweet via “Twitter”:

“Because of the Emirati “ToTok” Application, an article written in the New York Times that the application is for espionage purposes! Saif Al Thani, the director of government communication in Qatar, asked via Twitter before meeting one of the authors of the article and it appears that the meeting was fruitful”.

What does the New York News need from the UAE?

New York News campaign against the UAE

The New York Times has unintentionally sponsored Qatar in order to distort its image. It is not the first time that the UAE exposed to this type of attack from the New York News, without evidence to prove what claimed from the false allegations.

New York Times against UAE

Several points that the New York Times promoted negatively about the Emirates.

  1. The UAE sought to influence the 2016 US elections.
  2. The Emirates funded huge campaigns aimed at withdrawing the World Cup 2022.
  3. The story of the Emirati influence on American policy.
  4. The Emirates bought a seat for one of its pilots on a space flight for a huge amount.
  5. Finally, UAE uses the “TOTOK” spy App.

“New York Times” claiming about the TOTOK app

Where the American newspaper “New York Times” claimed that the UAE government is using an application for messaging, called “ToTok” on smartphones, to “spy on its users”. It coincided with the approaching date of the UAE hosting the Expo 2020 exhibition on its soil. The newspaper wanted to accuse the UAE in the shops of technology.

The Application is Topping the world

According to ratings of App and App Annie, the research firm

ToTok downloaded millions of times from Apple and Google app stores by users across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. In addition, it jumped to become one of the most downloaded social apps in the U.S. last week. The application belongs to an international company.

Influence of diffusion speed “ToTok” App

The newspaper considered that the application falls within the “electronic arms race between rich authoritarian governments to spy on opponents, criminal and terrorist networks, journalists, and critics in the world.”

“ToTok” is an easy and safe way to chat via video or text messages with friends and family. As well as, the UAE has restricted common messaging services such as WhatsApp and Skype.

The UAE is keen on privacy

So, the country tried hard to provide an application that enables its citizens to enjoy their electronic rights without restrictions or any kind of spying from various applications that proved to be really spying on the world level.

Reliable confirmation

The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector in the UAE

  • It confirmed that it has nothing to do with the free application of voice and video calling “ToTok”.

The authority response to the wrong claiming

The authority said in response to what raised during the last period that:

The application belonged to it and that it allowed it to be opened in preparation for making voice calls through the instant messaging program “WhatsApp”. Eventually, “this talk is completely false, and it has nothing to do with it and it is not responsible for opening it or close it “. They indicated that the application belongs to an international company.

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