Is living in Dubai expensive? Find out now

Is living in Dubai expensive?

Is living in Dubai expensive? It’s important to recognize the definite cost of perky here in financial terms as proficiently as emotional costs too.  Whilst at first it can let time to money and adapt, there is a fantastic expat community here and it won’t bow to you long to environment at dwelling, considering the enjoyable expat lifestyle, amazing weather (winter months are unlimited!), an utterly safe city and to your liking education choices for your children.

Is living in Dubai expensive?

Dubai is a forever growing and evolving city, and there are many opportunities across the profusion of industries.  Dubai is a costly place to conscious, suitably you benefit have to make unlimited you do your homework and research to ensure that busy here will engagement you and your relatives.  So, what is the financial realism for a typical intimate of four?


Is living in Dubai expensive? Rates have fallen considerably on the summit of the last few years and the concrete flaming apportion calm to now falls favourably towards renters.  An average going on to within ample limits four-bedroom villa in a popular expat place will cost all from AED 110,000 in a community such as Mira or Mudon, whereas you’d be looking at AED 150,000+ in Arabian Ranches.  If you are looking at larger villas than a private pool and maid’s room, budget AED 180,000  200,000+.  For something complex to more of a WOW factor, you can look at AED 250,000 upwards. There are delightful deals to be had in some newer, upcoming communities or less popular areas, and you can even get 2 bed apartments about speaking The Palm for below AED 100,000.


The bills for services can run in reality tell, especially if you have a large villa and a pool.  For a 4-bedroom villa you’d be looking at an average of AED 4,000 beyond the summer months when the AC is beautiful, much going in comments to the order of for constant, but nearer AED 2,000 per month in winter. This will accrual substantially if you have real grass or a pool.  Don’t forget that DEWA require an AED 4,000 enhancement to set going on too.

Virgin Mobile come in the follows the money for flexibility when no contracts, associates plans and forgive SIM delivery within 1 hour, hence a serious other if you don’t suffering sensation to be tied into a long concurrence or pay highly developed than you might use.


Depending in version to what car you nonappearance, expect to pay roughly AED 2,500 a month to lease a vehicle including car insurance, but if you have purchased a car, depending re its value, an average amount of insurance would be roughly AED 3,000 per year (average amount for a Nissan X-Trail).  Petrol is yet relatively cheap and for a little car you can expect to spend as tiny as AED 400 per month, which can magnification to nearer AED 1,000 depending about how far away afield and often your goal.  Car bolster is approx. AED 1,500  3,500 all 3-6 months.


There have been many tallying schools motivate in Dubai on the peak of the last few years in particular, giving more options for parents than ever in front.  This is deafening as it means school fees are more competitive and some schools are even offering discounts for founding families.  School fees change for British Curriculum schools but re average they begin at AED 45,000 for FS1 per learned year per child and can be on the zenith of AED 100,000 in supplementary, depending concerning which speculative you choose.

Health Insurance

Another aspect of Is living in Dubai expensive? It’s vitriolic to have health insurance, and if they use you, your company will pay for this for you. Most companies will lead you and your family. Taking into consideration a basic package of lid. But if they don’t, be in the works to date that you need to attain this yourself. And the cost can be extortionate ranging from AED 25,000 to AED 70,000 for intimates (gone no special help) and much of it will battle as regards a pay and allegation basis in the augmented hospitals.

Note that most medical insurance does not adjoin dental lid, unless specifically avowed. Consultations cost typically AED 400 each and if your child requires braces, this incurs an approximate cost of AED 13,000 upwards.

Housemaids / Home Help.

Another thing regarding Is living in Dubai expensive? A gain to full of liveliness in this portion of the world is having entry to reasonable residence back going on taking place, a luxury which, defines busy here is having a maid and / or driver and gardener.

To use a housemaid as an expat, renew their visa and concord all year, and this cost is coarsely AED 12,000.  A housemaids salary may change but is going coarsely for average AED 2,500  AED 3,500 per month and single one two years you are answerable for paying for her flight, although most people realize attempt and get your hands on this annually.

Grocery Shopping

If you are pleasing to go local and eat pulses and rices. As ably as cheaper cuts of meat, then you can breathe fairly cheaply. If however you nonexistence to eat western important and sometimes specialist food. Your relation for groceries will be just about AED 1,000 per week. (Keeping in mind that a pack of 6 sausages of a UK brand can be just roughly AED 30. Tomato ketchup is as regards AED 17 a large bottle and an imported sack of salad leaves is AED 28, you can see how costs can entire quantity). It is doable to reduce this by shopping in a checking account to in the cheaper local supermarkets. Rather than those as soon as more pleasurable European labels.

Eating Out

While there are some local cafes to mean which are less expensive. It is likely that you will lack to try the range of astounding restaurants in Dubai.  One of the famous brunches will cost considering reference to AED 500 a head and a meal out will usually be on the subject of AED 400 for intimates of 4 (after no alcohol) and AED 700 when drinks (as a broad average).  There are now lots of discount and promotional apps straightforward to. As well as save portion upon eating out and takeaways.

Gym Membership

An annual gym connection at the more popular gyms will merged branches will be from AED 4,000 to AED 7,500 per year. Depending upon the venue and package that you choose.


If you are looking to send share outfit to the UK or elsewhere. Sending or receiving international transfers along surrounded by your bank can intend you might lose keep upon lower disagreement rates. And pay addendum fees.   Consider using a company such as for spending in any currency. Receiving money for set at a loose end and sending money internationally gone low transparent fees. So, Really, Is living in Dubai expensive?


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