Entertainment places in Dubai city that will blow your mind

Entertainment places in Dubai city

Glitzy Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ holiday hot spot. This city of high-rises and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to a destination du jour, where tourists flock for sales bargains, sunshine, and relative fun. Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls that come unqualified idea behind mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes. There are a lot of entertainment places in Dubai city.

Entertainment places in Dubai city

But this city has many cultural highlights and things to realize, as dexterously as all the interesting ahead of its epoch sticker album-ons. Take a saunter about the Bastakia district, and you’ll discover the Dubai of primordial, subsequently cruise along Dubai Creek in a confirmed dhow, and you’ll soon realize there’s more to this city than its flashy veneer. Learn more roughly the best places to visit following our list of the entertainment places in Dubai city.

Heritage and Diving Village

Dubai’s architectural, cultural, and maritime stock is showcased at the Heritage and Diving Village, when displays similar to pearl diving and dhow building two of earliest Dubai’s historic economic mainstays. There are and recreations of confirmed Bedouin and coastal village cartoon, black Persian homes, a stated coffeehouse, and a little souk where potters and weavers practice their handicrafts at the stalls. They perform local music and dance from October to April, and visitors can profit advice from practitioners of conventional medicine.

Dubai Aquarium

One of entertainment places in Dubai city, the Dubai Aquarium houses 140 species of sea energy in the terrific suspended tank about the sports arena floor of the Dubai Mall. As skillfully as forgive viewing from the mall, if you enter the Underwater Zoo, you can stroll through the aquarium tunnels.

Different activities in the to the fore you profit a closer herald at the sea moving picture. Glass bottom ship tours (upon intensity of the tank) are particularly proficiently liked. Cage snorkeling and shark diving activities are with upon come happening following the money for.

Burj al-Arab

The Burj Al-Arab is the world’s tallest hotel. Standing 321 meters high upon its own pretentious island upon the Dubai coastline. Designed to resemble a billowing dhow sail, the exterior of the building is lit going on by a choreographed. Colored lighting feint a share at night. Decadent in all way realizable, the Burj al-Arab is one of the most costly hotels in the world, once the most luxurious suites costing again $15,000 for one night.

For those without loud financial description, the pretension to experience the again-the-severity opulence is to go for dinner at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant. Where floor-to-ceiling glass panels in the dining room walls let in you to view sea computer graphics though you eat. You can enjoy lunch at California-style merged restaurant Scape. For the ultimate panoramic views on the summit of the city. They require stamp album afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar) upon the 27th floor.

Jumeirah Beach

This strip of sandy white bliss is the number one beach destination for Dubai visitors. They string hotels out all along its length. Bearing in mind this being one of the most popular places to stay for tourists. The seashore has excellent facilities, after a large quantity of sun loungers, restaurants, and water sports operators offering plane skiing.

While in the place, brush off the sand for an hour and visit the Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef. Just an immediate hop from the beach. Built in 1955, this was the summer dwelling of the late Sheikh Rashid crate Saeed Al-Maktoum. The quarters, made of gypsum and coral-block, has been restored and maintains much of the original pretty decor. Giving you a greater than before settlement of the opulent lifestyle of Dubai’s rulers. The Majlis Gardens feature a reproduction of an impressive Arab irrigation system and many shady date palms.


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