Dubai Municipality: Everything you need to know about it

Dubai Municipality

Founded in 1954, the origin of Dubai Municipality started its activities with a group of seven employees performing basic cleaning tasks in the area.

The first decree creating the municipality was issued on 28 February 1957, by which 23 members of the municipal council had been selected from the country’s elders and merchants with restricted powers, the most important of which was to take charge of the city’s health and architectural affairs and to coordinate the building and embellishment of the city and provide practical suggestions for the go.

History of Dubai Municipality

In 1961 the ruler of Dubai released Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum ordering the creation of the Dubai Municipality Council.

Dubai Municipality went through a series of developmental stages over the years of its various tasks, including: In 1974, His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, God rested his soul, issued a decree creating a municipality that nullified the former municipality and proclaimed the creation of a new municipality of Dubai with independent characteristics, morals and characteristics.

In 1980 a decree forming the Municipal Council was issued designating 32 members headed by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Municipality.

Services of Dubai Municipality

The Municipality of Dubai provides municipal also services to a diverse community of its residents. Its work involves urban planning. Construction management, environmental conservation and improvement, the establishment and maintenance of public parks. Ensuring the presence of international quality standards for building, construction materials, food, consumables, and also laboratory testing and accreditation services.

Coinciding with the growth of the Emirate of Dubai. The Municipality also continued its development and reached 11,000 employees employed in 34 departments under six sectors, namely:

  • Foreign Relations & Partnership Sector.
  • General Support Sector.
  • Business of Health & Safety in the Environment.
  • Company Environmental & Public Health Programs.
  • Sector Planning & Engineering.
  • Business Corporate Sponsorship.

Consequently, the Municipality of Dubai is important. It’s also one of the main public bodies in terms of services provided and completed programs. The municipality is therefore the leading driver of the Dubai Emirate’s growth and development.

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