UAE is becoming a preferred destination for Chinese people

UAE is becoming a preferred destination for Chinese people

The Chinese Tourism Authorities recently reported that the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country of UAE has risen since last year to more than a million, while transit passengers who stop by UAE have reached a whopping 3.5 million. Dubai department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing reported a 9% increase in the first half of the year compared to same time last year. An estimated 200,000 Chinese citizens reside in UAE.

China has been on the top 10 export markets for visitors to Dubai. The number of Chinese visitors arriving to UAE have not only risen because of trade opportunities, but also the visa on arrival procedures at all UAE ports. While Dubai government reflected that 764,000 visitors arrived last year, the Abu Dhabi government reported that 242,000 Chinese visited in the first seven months of 2018.

According to government figures, the average annual trade volume between UAE and China is approximately $50 billion, and is expected to grow to $80 billion in next two years. “This will create a more positive environment for many Chinese people to come and live in the UAE. The UAE has a welcoming policy and so a lot of Chinese people see this as a good opportunity to come to the country and make a good future for themselves,” Yalan Ma, a student in American University of Sharjah majoring in Finance in Dubai.

“In fact, since the news has been out, everywhere I go, I hear people talk about it. The unique culture, hospitality, desert, economic environment and tourism are very attractive to the Chinese people. Xi’s visit will definitely boost trade, inter cultural exchange, education and tourism between the two countries.” Jade Zheng, former editor of Aviamost Chinese said.

Chinese products have been flourishing not only because products are cheaper in China but also because the residents and citizens of UAE are willing to buy and sell those products which is a sign of market growth.