UAE battling against Al Qaeda in Yemen

UAE battling against Al Qaeda in Yemen
United Arab Emirates : The Emirates News agency recently released an article how the UAE is continuing to combat terrorism and how their efforts are in line in being an important of the Arab Coalition which is led by Saudi Arabia. The main aim as always has been to combat terrorism and destroying Al Qaeda in Yemen.
In line with strategic direction the first aim was to face the growing and extremely violent Houthi militia supported by Iran. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash has stressed that Yemen needs a political solution though Houthi militias are the main obstacle to achieving this goal. The political deterioration in Yemen has benefitted the Al Qaeda to take advantage of this chaos by taking great amount of control and cause more destruction.
“We are looking forward to the discussion in Geneva, which is planned in September, and will hopefully be the start of political negotiations that will lead to a political solution to the Yemeni crisis,”
Dr.Gargash affirmed that the military operation is necessary for finding a political solution because though the Arab coalition is dealing with the humanitarian condition alongside UN the Hodeidah issue must be pressurised but with patience.

Through his interview Dr.Gargash also mentioned about the efforts UAE stating “provided the necessary training to Yemenis, who are now at the frontlines of the operations against the Al Qaeda.”
He affirmed that one of the UAE’s top priorities is to defeat the Al Qaeda, As a part of the Arab coalition has defeated the Al Qaeda in areas such as Hadramaut while around 1,500 of the Houthi fighters have been arrested and 200 have been killed. Yemen’s stability is also being maintained with the help of the 60,000 Yemeni fighters that have been trained by UAE and are fighting on the frontlines.