Turkey using Qatar’s desert to test their latest range of military products

Turkey using Qatar’s desert to test their latest range of military products

Turkish Media reported that a company specializing in military and electronic industries also known as Asilasan has signed a deal with Barzan Holding, a subsidiary of Qatar’s Ministry of Defense. The deal signed by both sides turned Doha into a Turkish test ground aimed at conducting the first test of its latest military products, including the first test of the Serb-Zafar weapons system in the central desert of Qatar.

The source said that the Turkish company which was described in a prominent developed the system “in the context of the interest shown by users in Turkey and other countries around the world, and in order to meet the necessary operational needs.” He added that the system has completed the “tests of a successful launch in the conditions of the deserts, after the installation on the vehicle (Eurok) combat, which was developed by the Turkish (Norul) machine.” As for the advantages of the system, the source pointed to “the ability to feed ammunition from inside the combat vehicle without the need to exit elements, as well as its design, which reflects positively on the vehicle during operations within populated areas.”

The system was also subjected to intensive tests by the Qatari army. The results of these tests are expected to be an important reference for large sales contracts, which the company aims to sign between Turkey and abroad.

Shortly after signing the agreement, Turkey’s defence industry adviser Ismail Demir stressed that” it showed the seriousness of cooperation between Turkey and Qatar and would have good results for the two countries.”

In fact, the deal devoted Ankara’s exploitation to Doha, and ever since Turkey set up its first military base in Doha, the relationship between Ankara and Doha has developed steadily, through the exchange of visits and interests, and Qatar’s loyalty to the agreement has brought the two countries even closer.