Turkey officials want to search the Saudi consulate to find Saudi journalist Khashoggi

Turkey officials want to search the Saudi consulate to find Saudi journalist Khashoggi

Turkey authorities have alleged that the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared on Tuesday during a visit to Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul was killed on the premises and his body removed from the building.

Turkish scholar, Selim Sazak said “They don’t know that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered”, ” They know that he came in, didn’t come out. They saw unusual personnel activity, including un-credentialed personnel, coming to the embassy almost immediately after Jamal Khashoggi’s first visit so they think they were dispatched from Riyadh, and they speak of an unknown staffer, acting like he was moving out the embassy, packing stuff into his trunk, and leaving at the end of business the day Jamal Khashoggi disappeared.”

Sazak reported to The Independent that he was informed by senior Turkish officials that they hope to find forensic evidence of the murder as it might indicate that Khashoggi was targeted after visiting the consulate on Friday where he was told to return the following Tuesday to finish up paperwork for marrying a Turkish woman.

Hatice Cengiz. One Turkish official told Reuters: “The initial assessment of the Turkish police is that Mr Khashoggi has been killed at the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. We believe that the murder was premeditated and the body was subsequently moved out of the consulate.” Turkish president Ankara and Saudi officials are offering conflicting details in relation to Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman in a interview said “We will allow them (Turkish authorities) to enter and search and do whatever they want to do,” We have nothing to hide.”

Surveillance cameras are being evaluated to see if Khashoggi or his body has been moved, Khahsoggi’s disappearance has drawn attention from his supporters and at a news conference many stated “We call on the Saudi authorities to release Jamal, or to tell us, where is he?” Hamza Zawba, an Egyptian journalist said.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman said though more than 1,500 people have been detained for more than three years because they are a threat to national security not because they are a political opponent and in an interview with Bloomberg that “Most of their cases have nothing to do with freedom of speech and most of them will return to their homes when the process is finished,”