Tunisia hurt after false campaign by Al Jazeera

Tunisia hurt after false campaign by Al Jazeera

­The former interior minister of Tunisia, Lotfi Braham, has filed a case against the various parties that have claimed untrue information that he plotted a coup to take power through force. In addition to this he has authorized an international body to track anyone who delivers an accusation against him.

Several bloggers along with notable french journalist Nicolas Beau (owner of Mondafrique)Al Jazeera were accussed. Recently these parties published an article accusing the interior minister of  planning a coup d’état in the country. These accusers also launched a campaign against him and accused few other countries of making this plot.

The lawyer of Barham, Habib Zemali, has issued a statement in which he confirmed that the Tunisian public prosecutor had taken the case. the case has been referred to the Criminal Case Department. They are now waiting to hear from the complainants involved in the case.

Zamali also issued a statement in which he requested that not only parties who carried out the plan to defame Braham should be investigated but also parties who financed and planned the campaign.

Due to this campaign that Al Jazeera has launched the state of Tunisia and their tied with allies such as United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were hurt. The name of the two nations were also implicated in the false claim regarding the coup.