Reasons Of Inviting Pope To The Arabian Peninsula


In Abu Dhabi, there is a historic visit of faith takes place. This is how we fight extremism and promote tolerance.


Sixty years ago deep in the desert, missionary doctors and Bedouin villagers built a bridge between two faiths with acts of kindness and understanding. We can do it again. This weekend, Pope Francis and the Grand Imam will unite their voices in prayers and homilies to the billions of Catholics and Muslims across the world. It will come from the heart of the Arab world in a country that embraces and lives these ideals every day.

This week, that legacy will be honored when Pope Francis travels to the Arabian Peninsula—the first such visit for any pontiff. He will celebrate mass in Abu Dhabi with 120,000 of the more than 1 million Catholics who live in the UAE, and visit the local Catholic Cathedral that opened in 1965 on land donated by the government.

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