Liverpool and Monterrey match goals in Club World Cup 2019

Liverpool leave it late for Roberto Firmino to pounce and put them through to Club World Cup final

Liverpool qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup 2019 after its difficult victory over Monterrey, Mexico, in the semi-final attended by 45 thousand spectators, in the stadiums of the Khalifa International Stadium.

Liverpool and Flamingo final match

Final Club World Cup

  • Liverpool will meet Copa Libertadores champion “Flamingo” in the final match on the 21-12-2019.
  • As Flamingo preceded him to the final after his victory over the Saudi Hilal by 1/3 on Tuesday.

Serious attacks from Monterrey over Liverpool

  • Juergen Klopp relied on Henderson, Milner.
  • Joe Gomez in the backline.
  • The Scottish left-back.
  • Andrew Robertson was the only major defender to start this match.

Club World Cup 2019

The first goal of Liverpool

  1. Liverpool advanced the first goal in the 12th minute with the Guinean player, “Nabi Keita”.
  2. After receiving a superb pass in the defence that came from Mohamed Salah.
  3. With his pass, Salah hit 3 players from Monterey defenders in addition to hitting the offside trap, to find Nabi Kita.
  4. who was alone and put it with a wonderful touch in the goal the moment the goalkeeper exited.

The first goal of Monterrey

  • The goal of the Monterrey equalizer was not delayed for more than three minutes.
  • By rowdy striker “Morrie” from a follow-up to a ball that fell from Alison Baker’s hand.

The game of the goal of the amendment started with a mistaken dispersion of the two sides of the Liverpool defence for a cross header, to reach Jesus Jayarrod. who fired from one touch to defend Alison Baker to bounce back to Morrie. who followed him into the net with ease and without pressure from any defender.

Over the course of the second half

Liverpool failed to score the winning goal until the trio of Manny, Firmino, and Arnold came off the bench.

The winning goal
  • So that Arnold could make the winning goal that Firmino scored with a beautiful artistic touch.
  • In the first minute of the time calculated instead of wasting “90 + 1”.

Liverpool and Monterrey goals

1- Liverpool’s first goal “Nabi Keita” 1 / row

2- Monterey first goal “Funes Maury” 1/1

3- Liverpool’s second goal “Firmino” 1/2

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