How UAE became all set and ready for Pope Francis visit?

Pope Francis

This is the year of tolerance in UAE, so the head of Catholic Church is visiting the region for the first time, through the UAE, the government is not leaving any stone unturned to ensure the three-day state visit will be an all out success.


The papal visit is also significant as the meeting coincides with the inter-faith conference in Abu Dhabi that will be attended by more than 600 religious figures from around the world representing various faiths.

We all know about the diversity of races i the UAE and how they are living together in tolerance and peace, with 0% of that would be the right destiny for the pope to visit and people there should be proud and happy for it!

The Pope’s visit will include a meeting with the Crown Prince, meeting with the Muslim Council of Elders and the Head of Grand Imam of Al Azhar and a Papal Mass at Zayed Sports City.


Nearly 135,000 people are expected to attend the papal Mass on Tuesday and massive preparations are under way to arrange the logistics of transporting people to the venue. message that the upcoming visit of Pope Francis is “an honour” to the country.

People from outside the UAE, including the GCC and other countries, are also flocking to the UAE to be in the same city with the Pontiff. Malayali expat Roy Ansil, who works for a construction company in Abu Dhabi, said his wife Vanaja has come on a week’s visit to the UAE “only to see the Pope”.

“Pope Francis will be visiting a nation that has learned the instrumental value of tolerance. We Emiratis welcome the world to the United Arab Emirates,” said Sheikh Nahyan.

Around 18,000 people will be transported from the park in 400 buses, according to the official website for the Papal visit.

The significance of the visit of Pope Francis to a Muslim country is not lost on the world too as more than 700 foreign journalists from 30 countries around the globe will be descending on Abu Dhabi to cover the visit.


Stay tuned to an exclusive coverage from world post to that great visit!

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