Conservative news mogul Matt Drudge shoots at Trump again

Conservative news mogul Matt Drudge shoots at Trump again

In a rare statement, the prominent conservative news mogul, Matt Drudge, refuted Saturday’s claim by President Trump that traffic to his website has plummeted as his coverage has grown more critical of him.

“The last 30 days have seen the most eyeballs in the 26-year-history of Drudge Coverage,” Drudge told CNN in an email. “Heartbreaking, it was in such horrific circumstances.”

Arguably the most popular conservative news website is the Drudge Post, created in 1995. Drudge never speaks about himself or posts stories. Instead, he and his site act as an aggregator, connecting to other news outlets — and also generating huge amounts of traffic for them.

Conservative news mogul Matt Drudge

Drudge endorsed Trump during the 2016 general election. And he was also a regular guest to the White House in the early days of the Trump administration. Yet the Drudge Report has spotlighted a large amount of derogatory news about the President since the summer of 2019.

It’s uncertain what precisely prompted the change in reporting of the Drudge Report. In October 2019, a source close to Drudge himself told CNN he became exasperated with the President.

Poor reporting has, however, apparently miffed Trump, who on Saturday afternoon publicly attacked Drudge.

Trump retweeted an attack by a far-right activist who claimed that Drudge’s coronavirus coverage was both misleading and sensationalist. “Years ago, like many others, I gave up on Drudge (a very good guy),’ Trump added. “Men float like birds!”

The president gave no evidence to support his argument that people were leaving Drudge’s website en masse. Web analytics evidence does not help the argument of Trump that Drudge is losing web traffic in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

In reality, page browsing data directly from the server of the Drudge Report. Given to CNN by a source with access to the figures. It indicates no major drops in traffic since January 2019. The data indicates a large increase of traffic of March, from 781 million page views in February up to 1.2 billion page views.

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