Travel Ban – Which countries got banned & Why

Travel Ban – Which countries got banned & Why

Trump’s recent tweet was released shortly after the court ruled that there will be restrictions held on 7 countries to travel to USA. This ban was set in place because immigration laws was important to ensure the people coming into the country were strongly vetted in the interest of national security.


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According to the original travel ban countries like Chad, Iraq, and Sudan were banned and outrageously it was called the “Muslim Ban” as Trump had mentioned that his main aim would be to ban Muslims coming to United States. In the supreme courts ruling day before yesterday. The seven countries who were reflected under this ban are:


The official explanation for Venezuela’s inclusion in the Trump administration’s latest travel ban is a lack of cooperation in verifying whether its citizens pose national security or public safety threats to the United States. Though many conclude banning Venezuela serves Mr. trump’s key goals to oppressing more Muslims from entering United states. Though Islamophobia is a far fetched concept , the real reason Venezuela was banned is due to high power officials linked to lending passports to many illegals and terrorist groups. Hence the ban ruled that government officials and their immediate family will be banned from receiving entry to the country.


Though Iranians have been pursuing a life in America and have become scholars, artists, doctors and entrepreneurs. Though the ban excludes students from bring denied to the country until they have been vetted and cleared advanced security claims, out of an average of 17,000 applications more than 12,000 student applications were denied because they were Iranian.


Not all Libyans are banned from travelling to United States. students and few other categories will be able to receive visas but nationals, business and tourist visas will not be issued on the interest of national security. Many sources mentioned the Libyan authorities failed to report on the terrorism related information.


Syria is in a state of turmoil and with its residents and fleeing the country , the United states goverment has put restrictions on most Syrian nationals since the Syrian government has not provided substantiating information related to terrorists and public safety.


The country has been fighting a civil war for more than three years and the terrorist groups within the country are linked with Al Qaeda too. The country’s war and drought situation has brought about poverty with majority of children suffering from malnutrition. Yemen is currently being aided by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates and their efforts are restoring hospitals, schools and eradication of landmines has helped them revive few of their residential districts. Since the government is in turmoil several times they have not reported on terrorist activities and there are still technical hurdles to properly report and document travellers too. Students will continue to recieve visa once they have been vetted but most of the Yemeni nationals wanting to travel on business or tourist visa will be denied


More than Yemen known to home terrorists, Somalia is a haven for many terrorist groups with more than 50% of its population plunged in poverty. Militias and AFrican Union troops have been responsible for sexual violence, in-discriminatory attacks and restricted many organisations to aid and support them during this humanitarian crisis

North Korea

The most simple reason put out there was that North Korean government “failed to cooperate with United States in any respect”. Hence most North Korean officials will not be granted visa to travel to USA.