Dubai Tourism: you must visit these tourism places

Dubai Tourism: you must visit these tourism places

With thousands of hundreds of tourists visiting this Arab city each year, Dubai, the world’s entertainment city, doesn’t need any introduction! Dubai tourism has the ultra-modern architecture, exotic and lively nightlife, magnificent bird-eye views of the beautiful skylines, Dubai is synonymous with grandeur and a pompous lifestyle. This means you will be happy on your upcoming Dubai vacation by choices of tourist places in Dubai. Keep reading and get to learn about the incredible attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Tourism: Best Places

Burj Khalifa

Need we say more? Burj Khalifa, the landmark building, is on the list of tourist spots to be visited in Dubai by every visitor. The breath-taking bird’s-eye views from the 124th floor are a lifetime experience, with the desert on one side and the turquoise blue ocean on the other. If you’re in Dubai, you can’t miss this location where it is on the list of Dubai tourist spots.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab tops the list of tourist destinations to visit in Dubai in 2020. It is the world’s fourth-largest hotel, and one of the world’s most expensive 7-star hotels that holds many feats. Burj Al Arab is has choreographed lighting at night and offers a myriad of exploring Dubai attractions.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is also one of Dubai’s most popular places to visit, ideal for all travelers. With a series of luxurious hotels lined up all along the road leading to the beach, world-class amenities and breathtaking sunset views on the beach make for a perfect destination for photos.

Mall of the Emirates

Number four on our list of Dubai’s best places to visit is Mall of the Emirates, fitted with nearly everything under one roof. Whether it’s the cuisine from every part of the world to the many shop brands or the exclusive Dubai Ski, comprising a fantastic ski set-up and a penguin enclosure–all at a temperature of-4 degrees Celsius. Mall of Emirates also needs to be on your list of Dubai’s top tourist attractions.

The Dubai Mall

Renowned for its extravaganza shopping events– Dubai Shopping Festival’ and Dubai Summer Surprises,’ this mall is for shopaholics are sure to be spoiled for choices. The Dubai Mall provides entrance to Burj Khalifa and also houses the famous Dubai Aquarium and is loaded with a variety of entertainment options-gaming area, ice skating rink and multiplex. From this mall you can buy souvenirs for the people back home or a jewellery shop, the choices are endless. Without a doubt, the Dubai Mall is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is a renowned amusement park in front of Burj Khalifa, which has over 25 types of fun-filled rides. This is a great place to enjoy with your family while learning about the Arab folklore is on Wild Wadi.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek also tops the list of places for couples to visit in Dubai tourism. The creek is a natural seawater that flows through the town center. Tourists might take a boat or an Abra to see the other side of the port. The picturesque view of the area, enhanced by Dubai’s history, makes it one of Dubai’s most romantic tourist spots.

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