Cruise ship tilts after being hit by 115 mph gust causes hurt of passengers


Suddenly, ship started tilting while passengers were playing piano on their cruise ship slipping off East Coast.

Bottles crashed off shelves & furniture slid across the floor.

On Sunday night, wind about 115 mph similar to wind of a Category 3 hurricane pushed the Norwegian Cruise Line that carries 6,000 people onboard.

Medical teams on board tended to the crew members & many passengers who were injured.

Tables & passengers slid across the room Screams, sliding items can be heard in the recorded footage Black.

Michael Patterson on Twitter

The @CruiseNorwegian Escape was hit be a 100+ knot gust last night. The ship tilted and damage was everywhere. Crazy!

“I remember thinking about how calm it was for sailing out of New York in March and suddenly we got hit by a large gust of wind and the whole ship kind of just tilted to the side for about 30 seconds. Suddenly everything around me was starting to move. So I was used to some movement, but it was a very surreal escalation to ‘Oh this is normal’ to ‘This is very unusual and probably shouldn’t be happening”, Passenger Aaron Black said

The vessel arrived at Port Canaveral with no damage.

The ship will leave n Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET as scheduled on its next voyage for Bahamas.

Norwegian Escape Experiences “sudden gust of wind” resulting in aggressive list

Video of Norwegian Escape listing, captured shortly after it began. There were injuries and a lot of broken glass all around the ship. All of the crew handled everything fantastically and all has been put back together.

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