Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Thanks to competition amongst various airlines and globalisation the world is becoming larger to navigate through and through. The more you travel, the more you learn and thanks to frequent flyer miles the more activities you can do. But between all these activities a lot of first time and frequent travellers forget to travel with these few essentials :

(This is not an advertisement for brands – rather a PSA article )

Starting with the Basics

Sunglasses – Always own a pair of polarised sunglasses and if you chosen not to wear sunglasses cause of eye power then buy your favourite shades and get the optician to modify them to your eye power.


Passport Copy – To be extra safe while travelling always have two color photocopies of your passport and travel with them while your original is safely stashed in your suitcase. In case you do lose your passport ( God Forbid ) all you need to do is visit your country’s embassy in that country and show them the first two pages along with any relevant ID you may have to help them issue a new passport.

Sunscreen – Having plans to travel to Antarctica doesn’t mean your backpack can’t carry a bottle of sunscreen lotion. Due to temperature changes and delicacy of skin some people can experience sun burns even in cold countries cause of high UV.

Rain coat – A raincoat shields you from run and doubles as waterproof sheet to avoid dust and dirt. Sometimes if it’s too windy it can keep you completely intact.

Essential Oils – Those Spa treatments can be expensive and an appointment may not be available when you are free instead carry a small bottle of Rosemary or Ylang Ylang oil, these oils help you reduce stress, nausea and help get better sleep just with a simple sniff of the contents. Tea Tree oil or oils that are flammable will not be allowed in your cabin luggage or in your suitcase – always check the information section of the bottle.

Scarf – Whether you are a guy or a girl it is important for you to carry a scarf as it helps you keep warm in cold weather, place it over your mouth in times of dust or place it over your face when you want to take a nap.Tie it over your head to avoid extremely hot weather conditions and if you follow the instructions of tie a scarf to take a nap you don’t need a travel pillow !!


Universal plug adapter – It is the most important piece of technology that needs to be with you at all times. Why … because every part of the world uses different outlets hence making it hard to recharge the devices we can’t live without. And these days they cost almost a dollar so buy two incase one wears out.

Hand Sanitiser – There are only two types of people in the world those that believe in using sanitisers and the others who think that a chemical can’t wipe out all the germs. It’s important to know that even if you wash your hands with water in places you can’t trust the best thing is to use sanitiser afterwards. There are non-alcoholic sanitisers too, though alcohol can dry your hands it’s preferable to use non perfumed alcoholic sanitisers.

Hand/Face Wipes – Hand wipes can be used if you don’t want to use a hand sanitiser but the best part of a wipe is you can use it anywhere including the face. Keep dirt at bay and stay clean just with a wipe.


Have an amazing trip, and if you do have more insightful tips do share them…