Things to eat – Exploring new cuisines

Things to eat – Exploring new cuisines

We delve on to McDonalds, Burger King and occasionally the Cheesecake factory or Cinnabon . But thanks to abundance of cultures this world has brilliant cuisines have been ever present and serve appetising dishes. In the first edition we explored the following cuisines:

(Not ranked just a random order)

Sri Lankan cuisine

The most popular dishes in this cuisine use rice and fish. Hence this cuisine explodes with tons of yummy gravies and has meats basted with delicious spices, coconut and mango flavours

   Thali – Rice with fish & other curries                           Grilled Masala Prawns


                      Young Jackfruit Curry                                   Spicy Squid Curry

Ceylon Tea – The most famous drink of
the Sri Lankan cuisine

Malaysian cuisine

This south east asian has its traditional roots based with rice and seafood too but thanks to its location this country has a melange of traditions and shares its similarity and spice tastes with countries like India, Portugal, Dutch and Chinese. Despite all its influences there are tons of dishes this cuisine swears by, those are :

               Nasi dagang – Rice steamed in coconut milk & served alongside fish curry

Sentul Satay –
Satay can be made with chicken or beef

Thai cuisine
Thai cuisine is native to Thailand a land full of spices and delightful aromas. Their food is most relished upon by europeans,americans and indians. As the dishes can be spicy but are considered healthier and more delectable than Chinese dishes. Most of the dishes contain a high percent of water or broth – a common trait found amongst South east asian dishes. 

                               Thai Red Curry & Thai Green Curry – The world divides into
                                               those that like red/green curry or both



    Tom Yum Soup – considered as an extreme comfort food, This is a bowl full of warm goodness                                 (meat, noodles, vegetables and deliciously soothing curry flavours)

                                Duck Larb – A meat salad                             Chim Chum – Hot pot style dish         

Lebanese cuisine

This cuisine is popular amongst dietitians and basically all who want to try something “Arabic”. This cuisine has dishes with loads of nuts, vegetables, poultry and seafood since they don’t consume beef much the only red meat they eat is mostly goat/lamb meat. The flavours used in the savoury dishes are light, mild but simply decadent. Most of the food is grilled. Hummus being their famous all-round dip made mostly out of chickpeas and fatoush the extremely green & healthy salad. For main course the meat is grilled and served with fragrant-ed rice or oven baked bread. The desserts are included too (see below)

                              Hummus – Can be eaten with bread                       Fatoush – The Salad with loads of herb
           Or dipped with meat / raw veggies                            cucumbers, lime and tomatoes



                Shish Tawouk on a bed of parsley              Kharoof Mahshi – This dish is flourished
                                                                                                             with nuts, baked lamb & rice

                      Meat Pies – They are delicious &                      Falafel – Are the most sought after veggie 
light pizza breads with meat                             balls that can be eaten with bread or alone

                             Baklavas – Are the most sought after           Katayef – They are stuffed walnut dessert
                              bite sized desserts                                            just oozy & incredibly sweet

      Maamoul – These desserts are made with
almonds, pistachios and dates

Featured Image by : Jon Tyson