The rising star of Egypt

The rising star of Egypt

For lately Egypt has been in the news not because of its tourism rates, its scenic views or recent discovery of another pharaoh but because of the political tensions causing the nation to sink into poverty. And despite many agencies denying sexual harassment or the rise of its revolutionists one such hero has put aside all worldly thoughts to succeed at something he has been working at since he was a young boy. He wanted to put efforts not because he wanted out of the poor life he lived but because he wanted to pursue and live with something he loved. This passion and strength ultimately has risen his kingdom to fame. The person being none other than Mohamed Salah.

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There are many revolutionists at work in Egypt but Mohamed Salah as a footballer seemed to raise awareness about many social and economic issues without the use of violence. Firstly, to talk more about him and his achievements you need to understand a person’s background and how that has shaped him as a person.

Mo Salah as he is known now a days was born in a poor area outside of Cairo known as Al Gharbia. On TV he watched football and then started playing with his friends. He took to so much liking that he rode the bus for four hours just so he could attend coaching classes. He didn’t mind the sacrifice as he was filled up with passion to play this game. And this journey helped him land a contract with Chelsea – a well recognised football league. Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho was in all praises about Mo Salah saying he’s creative and fast.

It wasn’t easy becoming the best he did struggle when he played at national levels but his determination didn’t let him settle and along with his team they finally qualified for FIFA World Cup after 25 years. He is very humble despite his reputation as Egyptian King. In fact his fans across Europe adore him so much that they made a chant saying that if he scores another goal they will also become Muslim”.  He plays mostly as a winger on the right flank but also serves as an excellent striker or attacking midfielder.

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