Video games addiction is a mental illness

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Video Game Addiction Becomes Official Mental Disorder in Controversial Decision by WHO.

Many adolescents love video games, and they may even reach uncontrollable addiction. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced video game addiction as a mental illness and mental health disorder, according to the Cleveland Clinic website.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)

gaming disorder was recently classified as a psychiatric disorder in ICD-11.
To call video game addiction a mental illness. It must be severe enough to cause

“significant disability in the areas of human life at the

  • personal
  • family
  • social
  • professional
  • other levels of life

So, the disorder is not surprising, but it is considered a diagnosis when negative behaviour persists for more than 12 months and dominates a person’s entire life.

If a person playing video games avoids other behaviours, such as going to work, school, or doing homework. As well as, if their relationships with people around affected by excessive video games, the psychologist Dr Scott Beh said. Sign of a problem.

Dr Amira Habrour says:

The addiction involved in video games is no different from alcohol or drug addiction, as the brain receives positive emotions each time during play.

Video game developers are aware of this, and many games, especially online multiplayer games. Which designed to get players to behave in the pursuit of these goals dramatically.

As well as, People with psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression. may rely on video games to produce changes in brain chemistry that temporarily make them feel comfortable.

The most vulnerable are teenagers and young people, who may have more difficulty assessing the negative effects of these games.

Treatment of video games addiction

  1. Reduce the number of hours of play by someone around your teen who sets a timetable, and in some cases. complete abstinence from video games may require to treat addiction.
  2. Like compulsive or addictive behaviours. It is often difficult for individuals who have experienced problems in a particular behaviour to develop greater control over it.
  3. Finally, If you do not find a way to control this type of addiction, you can resort to a psychiatrist.

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