Using mobile devices causes mental illness

mobile devices
The excessive use of social media is linked to mental health issues.

The lives of most people today based on modern technology so it has become very difficult for some people to live without their mobiles. This has prompted a recent study to renew the warning of the danger of mobile devices to people, especially adolescents, as they may cause mental illness.

The excessive use of mobile devices

The excessive use of teenagers on mobile devices at a rate of more than three hours a day without following scientific standards.

Which ensure the avoidance of its negative effects

  • Negatively affects the brain and the psychological state of adolescents.

An analysis study of using social media:

The study included 6,600 American teenagers. Where researchers asked them about their exposure to social media using mobile devices

  • Found that 97% of them useless.
  • While 45% overuse of these sites via smartphones.

The researchers concluded that excessive exposure to social media places adolescents in

  • A cycle of mental illness associated with more aggressive behaviours, including rejection of the other, and bullying.

Using mobile devices causes mental illness

A previous study published in the Lancet Children’s and Adolescent Health magazine found that:

The excessive use of social media is linked to mental health issues in certain circumstances.

For girls, repeated use of social media is harmful to health when it leads to electronic penetration, or Insufficient sleep, lack of exercise.

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