UAE will launch satellite “Eye of the Falcon” next Saturday

The preparations for the launch of the satellite "Eye of the Falcon" in several stages.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has completed preparations for the launching of the satellite “Eye of the Falcon” to its orbit on Saturday, July 6th.

From the French station “Guyana” located on the north coast of South America under French sovereignty.

The preparations for the launch of the satellite “Eye of the Falcon” in several stages :

  • Where its manufacturing took 4 years.
  • It was shipped from the French city of Toulouse to the French city of Guiana.

The technical team of the UAE has initiated the procedures of preparing the moon for launch by conducting a series of tests:

Which included suitable satellite testing stages on the Moon’s Beam:

  • Moon safety tests
  • Supplying the moon with Hydrazine fuel
  • Joint actions between the moon and the missile
  • Laminating the moon with a load cap
  • Merge the moon on the rocket
  • The final readiness phase of the launch
The preparations for the launch of the satellite “Eye of the Falcon” in several stages

Al Ain Falcon satellite will be launched by Irene Space.

  • The first three stages of the launch take 6 minutes and 32 seconds.
  • The first three phases will be carried out by solid-fuel engines
    “B-80, Zeffiro 23, Ziviro 9”
  • While the fourth stage carried out by the altitude unit and the upper direction “AVUM”

to direct the moon to orbit at a height of 611 km and will separat from the rocket after 57 minutes of launch.

The Moon designed to provide global coverage for the next 10 years for military and civilian use.

It characterized by

  • a high-definition imaging system
  • Accuracy

Once it enters its low Earth orbit at an altitude of approximately 611 km will begin the process of :

  • taking satellite images of the earth
  • send to the ground control station within the Center for Space Reconnaissance.

The satellite also features 15 orbital cycles on a daily basis and images will be received directly on the Earth station of the Space Survey Center.

This new achievement will add to the expertise of the UAE in the field of satellites used for civilian and military purposes.

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