Tips for safe use of social media

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Tips for Safe Social Networking for Teens

A recent study published that Social Media causing increased depression of adolescents. a study conducted by the University of «Brigham Young» the US confirmed the increase in the amount of time spent adolescents on social networking sites by 62.5% since 2012.

Negative Effects of social media

The increase in time average of using social media

This percentage is still increasing Last year alone, the average time adolescents spent on social media was 2.6 hours a day. Despite warnings that increasing screen exposure time increases adolescent depression and anxiety. As well as, the studies confirmed that the amount of time a teen spends browsing on social media does not directly cause anxiety or depression in adolescents.

The researchers worked with 500 young people between the ages of 13 and 20. Who completed questionnaires once a year over eight years. The use of social media measured by asking participants how much time they spent browsing social networking sites.

So, Respondents answered questions with different scales to show depression symptoms and anxiety levels. These results were analyzed at an individual level to see if there was a strong association between the two variables.

 The relationship between communication and depression

Sarah Quinn, a professor of family life at Brigham Young University, said of her study in Computer in Behavior magazine:

“We’ve spent eight years trying to really understand the relationship between adolescent time on social media and depression. we found that this time spent on media Social was not effective on anxiety or depression. ”

“Not only is the time factor important, but it is also possible for teenagers to use social media for exactly the same time. but they may have very different results, due to the way they use it”.

The aim of this study

  1. Skip the discussion about the time spent by adolescents in front of screens.
  2. Start examining the content of teenagers on social media.

Tips for safe use of social media

Tips for optimal use of the means of communication

  1. Be an active user, interact well instead of just posting posts across your account, comment and post as well and share your thoughts.
  2. Limit the use of social media for at least an hour before bedtime. Because getting enough sleep is one of the most preventive factors for mental health.
  3. Finally, Identify your motivation to interact with it. if you continue to search for information or to communicate with others. this may have a more positive impact rather than the boredom of just browsing these sites.

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