The US technology companies withdraw from China

withdraw from China
Donald Trump is willing to force US companies to withdraw from China and has the legal authority to do so.

Two White House officials have suggested that Donald Trump is willing to force US companies to withdraw from China and has the legal authority to do so.

What happens if Trump force technology companies to withdraw from China?

White House officials claim that US President Donald Trump may force US technology companies, such as Apple, to withdraw from China.

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council of the United States, Said that:

The president has this authority, but added that the president will not exercise this power for the time being.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that:

The president has plenty of options to pursue his trade war with China and that the media must take what he says literally.

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Apple technology company:

Shares of Apple, which builds

  • Most iPhones in China
  • A number of chipmakers
  • Intel and Broadcom

It fell after Trump tweeted on Twitter that he had ordered US companies to return their supply chains to the United States.

The power of Trump:

The Emergency International Economic Powers:

US President Donald Trump later made it clear that he had the absolute right to do so under (IEEPA).

The Emergency International Economic Powers Act, 1977 law allowing the president to regulate international trade.

Mnuchin said:

Asked whether the president might actually order companies, He has the authority to do so under IEEPA if he declares a state of emergency.

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The US Treasury Secretary said that:

In response to a question on whether resorting to a national emergency is a realistic option. The President has a lot of options, but our first choice is to get a fair and reciprocal trade.

Larry Kudlow said the same day that he has not ordered companies yet, and he has such authority. But, he has not exercised them now.

Denying that the president has softened his position on the trade war after Trump said he had second thoughts on everything.

The director of the US National Economic Council explained that the president was already thinking about increasing tariffs, not removing them.

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